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    The MFB Group PPE was formed out of necessity due to Covid-19. Our Managing Director, Paul Ulett identified a need within the PPE supplies industry; for quality products, sustainable solutions, great pricing and fast, reliable deliveries. You want great products and solutions, fair prices and fast deliveries; we've put some amazing packages together in one place for you; protecting your people and premises has just got a whole lot easier. 

    MFB Group PPE was formed to help people just like you; piece of mind that you are making the right choice is just as important to us, as it is to you. Helping you to make great decisions, and not spend more than you need to is what we're great at. Simply order what you need, or give us a quick call and we'll help you understand what you need.


    Alongside our PPE products, we also offer the application of VIRAGUARD. VIRAGUARD - XAP is deployed by our professional registered and approved technicians, or we can provide the equipment and training for your staff/teams to protect your spaces.

    VIRAGUARD XAP offers a real alternative to replace conventional sanitizers and disinfectants, which are powerless against many of the emerging superbugs. The VIRAGUARD - XAP formulation offers the industry’s only long-term residual kill. Designed as a dual-action performer, with both micro-biocidal and micro-biostatic properties, VIRAGUARD - XAP has incredibly diverse applications.

    Our  products  are  based  on  a unique  formulation  VIRAGUARD XAP that has a number of key benefits and advantages over traditional  sanitisers and disinfectants. Our unique technology, when dry on a surface, be it a hard or fabric surface, will continue to kill micro-organisms long-term under test conditions. Our technology may be incorporated into other materials e.g. concrete, plastics, water filters and many liquids, to give ongoing microbial protection.

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